Stump Grinding

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Stumps in the middle of a well manicured lawn are an eye sore.  They are an obstacle when mowing.  Stump grinding will remove the stump to a point that a lawn could be installed in the same spot.  The depth of grinding is determined by what one wants to do with that area.  Turf installation will require a depth of 6"-8".  Planting small shrubs the grinding depth would be about 12".  To plant a large tree would require the complete removal of the stump by back hoe or excavator.  You can plant a large tree close to the old stump but not exactly where the stump was.  Stump grinding is always the less expensive option.
We have two different stump grinders.  A Carlton which is self propelled and can go through a 36" gate and a larger Vermeer which is toed behind a truck or a small tractor.
The Carlton can be lifted over fences to get into areas.
We can build bridges to access stumps.
It can take as much time to clean up debris as it will to do the grinding, sometimes more time is required to clean up.
The Vermeer is a little bigger and faster on large stumps.  A 20 H.P. front end loader with four wheel traction make clean up go quickly.  Stump grinding debris make for great compost materials.
If you want to save some money you can clean up the grinding debris your self.  All you neen is a wheel barrow a rake and shovel.  If you want we can remove all grinding and replace with loam and seed it to.
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