Tree and Shrub Spraying
Controlling Insects and Diseases on Your Property

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Tulip Tree
Tulip Tree we measured in August 6 - 2001 it was 112'  Its probably 118-119' now.
Dormant Oil spraying to ornamental hedges and ornamental trees at one of our client's cottages.
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You need a good sprayer and a bucket truck to spray trees this size. We can hit 80-90' on a calm day from the ground.
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A large Red Oak about 100' in height
In order to protect the trees on your landscape, we offer state-of-the-art tree spraying; both as part of a year-round pest control and disease prevention program, and as spot treatment for specific insect control problems. We time our spraying program to insect vulnerablities and attempt to minimize any damage that can occur.

Our arborists can spray trees identify, treat and prevent common problems associated with the trees and shrubs on your property.
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