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Mockingbird Hill performs many tree removals each and every year.  We try to educate our clients about proper tree removal.
If a tree has structural defects in the root flair, cavities of decayed wood deep into the heartwood, stress cracks in the main trunk, wind shear or lightning damage.  it's a no brainier.  Take it down.  If you are putting on a new garage, shed, children's play area or a new pool.  You have no choice take them down so you can move on with your project.  Its always cheaper to take the trees down before you put in the pool.  If you are putting in a pool watch how the sun travels across the area you want the pool installed.  We get several calls a year "  The pool is shaded in the afternoon and so it's cold we want more sunlight to the pool".  In this scenario thinning the upper foliar crown will probably not give you the sunlight you want.  If it does it's a temporary fix.  If it's a feature tree on your property, shading your house during summer heat saving you energy on air conditioning, adding to your re - sale property value.  We inform clients about why we would not advise removing the tree.   If we explain the "Pro's and Con's " of removing a specific tree and the client say's " I don't like raking acorns in the front lawn".  We will be happy to give the client a proposal about removal.  The client can now make an educated decision.  Do not takedown a tree because you are afraid of it falling unless you have a reason.  If a tree worker, self claimed Arborist with no certification, or just someone who knocks on your door after a storm because you have some damage do your self a favor.  Ask them a price for removing a feature tree that you really do not want to remove.  If they do not tell you the benefits of keeping the tree and just give you a price they are looking at your wallet not your trees.  Stay far away from anyone who is knocking on your door for work - BIG RED FLAG
Not all trees should be removed
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Old Beautiful Feature Tree
Expert Climbers
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Tree removal can be performed by climbers if no truck access is available as long as the trees are safe to climb. An aerial lift is the preferred method of removal.  It is safe and very efficient.  For large trees a crane may be the most cost effective way to remove the tree in a safe and efficient manor.  If you have many trees a crane may be the best answer.  You need room for the crane and room for the drop zone - clean up area.
Most removals do not require a crane.  Many companies will try to sell you crane time because they have a payment to make.  Mockingbird Hill sub-contracts a crane as needed.  It takes time to coordinated dates, wind is a major factor.  If you have a date with the crane and it's a high wind day it will take time to re - schedule.
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Huge tree removal
If the work project is that big you will want the company you hire to supply a log loader.  The safest and most efficient way to remove wood quickly.  They should supply a wood chipper with capabilities of chipping 18" wood ( Pine ).  They should also supply several chip trucks.  This keeps the drop zone clear of debris.  Quiz the contractor about equipment to be used on your project before you sign the proposal.
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Large trunk removal
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If removals are completed with a aerial lift or by climbers the " Terms of Engagement are close if not the same"  Using ropes as a crane over a target rich drop zone.  If the trucks can get close to the drop zone it will save you time and money.  Using the aerial lift will allow the operator to take bigger pieces to lower to the ground in a safe and efficient manor.  Climbing to remove trees is a dying art.  Most companies use an aerial lift.  Tree workers are spending more time in the bucket truck than on a rope.  Most smaller companies have very limited climbing capabilities.  Be sure you know the capabilities of the company you hire.  Tom the owner is a "Manila Man", that is the type of rope he began to climb on in 1973.   There's Manila, Dacron, 3 Strand and now there are many different type of ropes that climbers use.   Mockingbird Hill worked off ropes until 2002 when we purchased a 62' bucket truck.  We know ropes well.

If you search the I.S.A. ( International Arborist Association ) climbers website back to the early 1996 you will find many posts from the " Mockingbird" discussing climbing and rigging, including SLA ( Single Line Assent ion).  Basically without getting too deep we use rope to lower parts of the tree into a desired drop zone.  We can use one rope if the drop zone is open and not to target rich, buildings, pools, shrubs.  We may use two ropes, a tip - load line and a but hinge line to remove a large branch, leader or an entire tree.  We may put a third line on it to make sure it falls in the right direction - directional line.  We may use a re - direct line from another point in the tree we are removing or it may be in a separate tree to make the piece be lowered into a target free drop zone.  There are so many combinations of rigging techniques it would be impossible to list them in this page.  We can make smaller tree removals, large leaders, branches take place going from standing to the chipper with out touching the ground until the piece is out of a target rich drop zone - see slide show below.  We could talk about "Zip lines, Trolley Lines".  That would take pages.  These are complicated rigging techniques.  Knowing which scenario to use them could save you the price of a crane.  The simple rigging listed above most Arboricultural contractors SHOULD have that ability.  If the contractor can not explain " Zip Lines or Trolley lines" they have very limited experience with rigging.

Only takedown a tree if you have reason, sometimes it might just be a frame of mind, if you are constantly thinking its going to fall,  if it makes your significant other sleep better at night, it might be the best reason.
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