Extraction of Tree from Distant Pond
A large tree located far from the home and driveway needed extraction from the busy canal area of Lond Pond. A series of steps were devised to safely
remove this without damaging the surrounding grounds despite its inaccessability.This project took a five man crew 3.5 Hours including travel  time.  They
do not always work out this smoothly.
The base of the tree where it broke off was about 19'  It went almost
half way across a well traveled canal on Long Pond.
The only access was over 200' away.
Snatch blocks were set high on the trunk of a stable tree.
The tree began to move.
Slowly she creeps back to land.
The 2 Bull ropes have to be re positioned with every pull.
A " smaller line is used on a second block for big lateral
The piece is cut and taken to the log loader by the 20H.P. John
Deere with forks.
We took 10' of but we still have a lot of tree left in the canal.
Without the log loader this scenario would not be possible.
The tree is getting smaller.  We have to clean up what we drag
before we pull more tree in.
The chain is tightened to get more of a pull as the tree gets
smaller and lighter.
Not much of a drag zone.
We almost got it.  Not much left now.
There  she be the top of the tree.
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