Tree and Shrub Planting

There is an old saying " Anyone can plant a shrub or a tree".  There is no statement further from the truth.  The hole has to be dug correctly.  The root collar has to be at the right height.  You can not use a Nitrogen fertilizer in the soil you back fill the plant with.  By far the biggest mistake is to put the wrong plant in the wrong place.  You need to look at the environmental factors of the planting site.  The site is excessively wet.  You have full sun / shade.  The site is on a hill with high winds, etc.  Will the plant have irrigation?
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Clients call Mockingbird Hill when they see a problem with their trees and shrubs.  Often the problem - A Biotic started with improper  planting techniques,  Planted to deep or it is mounded.  This can take years for the full effect to show on the plant. The plastic wrap was left on the root ball.  This can take 2-3 years before death occurs.  The wire cage was left on intact.  This could take 10-12 years to show full effects.  The tree may have been planted close to correct but the hole was narrow and they twisted the tree to make a fuller crown face towards a visual point, the house window or the road view.  This caused the roots to grow in a circular motion thus cutting off the supply of water and nutrients from the roots as it grows. This is called a girdling root.  This scenario can take twenty to thirty years before the top of the tree begins to die.  Sometimes the plant has just out grown the space it has to grow.  Once again you half to pick the plant to fit the environmental factors of the site including size of the plant at maturity to allow for optimal growth and years of enjoyment from the plant.
Installing a very large Stewardi / Nice plant
Fits the site perfectly!
Highslide JS
Tree fits perfectly!
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Installing tree
Trunk resembles a telephone pole no root flair planted too deep.
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Trunk shows it was planted too deep
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