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Ornamental tree pruning is in a category of its own.  If Mature Tree pruning was a " "Grisly Bear" then Ornamental Tree Pruning would be a "Black Bear".  This relates to the size of the plant at maturity.  Often the Ornamental tree is planted to close to the house in a plant bed that is not large enough to allow it to grow to maturity.  We often hear " Its to big!, its taking over the house, can you do anything with it?"  The answer is yes and no.  Yes drop crotch pruning can be performed allowing a crown reduction but this is a temporary fix.  This can be performed on most but not all Ornamental tree species.  This type of pruning can be performed on trees and may have to be done again in 3-4 years.  If that happens it will only take 3-4 pruning's before the tree begins to look " Stubby".

The trees need to be clear from the roof or structure of the building.  Often walkway need to be clear of branches.  Once crown reduction takes place most of the trees are at or close to the 25% foliage reduction rule for any growing Season.  Meaning thinning cuts can not be made that Season.

Ornamental trees need crown cleaning and thinning.  Sucker growth become thick and shade desirable foliage to the point of death.  The thick inner foliage remains wetter longer during the day allowing Fungus and Bacteria to spread faster creating pre mature leaf drop- which is a completely different subject.

Tipping back the branch tips to acquire a more rounded shape to the upper foliar crow can be done on certain species.  This helps to keep the size of the tree down and is minimal foliage reduction if it is performed frequently.

The Species of tree and the location of the tree on your property will dictate what type of pruning will be best for your individual situation.  This can only be determined by a site evaluation.
Sometimes foundation plantings are let go to long.  At this point a new owner to the house would probably remove all plant materials and start over.  Elders have lived in this house for a long time and are reluctant to any change.  Communication was critical in this situation.

All of their neighbors complimented the owners which made them once again very proud of there home.  No matter how hard you try you can not get a Porsche  out of a Volkswagen.  But if you do the best you can with any given work task.  You can make it work.
View the overgrown before photo and then after initial pruning.
Ornamental shrub pruning can be divided into two separate categories, naturalistic pruning and shearing.  Naturalistic pruning we use hand snip's, Felco Hand prunner's,  they allow us to get a better cut.  Pole clips and large A- Frame ladders allow us to put the third leg of the ladder into the shrub we are working on like Rhotodendrons.  Shearing we use 8' extension shears to cut new growth off Japanese Yews, Arborvitae.
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