Long driveway allow clients privacy and generally a lack of noise. Listening to nature songs will come with a price. Yearly maintenance work tasks can help keep over grown brush and grasses at bay for only so long. After a while the mowing with a lawn mower will not work. Cutting with hand prunner's or a small chain saw become very time consuming. It can become frustrating and often clients will just skip a few years. Saplings begin to grow up, vines begin to wrap the saplings together. Winter snow bend is just waiting to push the saplings across your driveway during a severe snow storm. If you are lucky when the snow melts the saplings will bend back up enough to navigate your driveway.
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Snow bend damage setup for snow storm entrapment
Snow bend damage in this picture is a certain set up for the next Winter snow storm to trap you in your home possibly for days
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Clear prior to winter storms to avoid such a scenario
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Removal Of Debris
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Right Tools are mandatory, but it's still hard work.
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End of the Driveway
No matter how over grown your driveway is of saplings, brush, vines or downed trees it can be cleared prior to winter storms to avoid such a scenario.
A four man crew with our larger chipper with a winch to pull saplings loaded with vine to the chipper was the best method to use with removal of debris.  This would be called a 6-8 Year clearance cut.  Which means if the client did not do any yearly maintenance to their driveway they would be right back in the same boat they were before we came and cut in probably 6 years and certainly by 8 years.
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After We Did The Cutting
A four man crew, a large capacity winch on the chipper, two chip trucks per day, extension chain saws, hand chain saws, hand held brush cutter, a Billy Goat two wheeled brush cutter and extension shears. This is hard work even with the right tools. Without the right tools it becomes frustrating for the employees.  The right tool for the right job keep all safe and very efficient on any work task.
There are not that many people that have a driveway this long.  This one was very close to a ½ mile long.
The end of the driveway looking from the house side before we cut.
The driveway can now be yearly maintained by the client. It could be mowed with a Billy Goat wheeled brush mower 2-3 time and no herbicide would be needed. They could mow and use herbicide or they could just use herbicide. This driveway should be maintained on a yearly basis. It could extend this cutting to a ten year rotation. Our four man crew took just shy of three days to complete this project. Without the right equipment it would have taken five days easily. This work must be done prior to any work done on your electric house drop line.
Now the road is clear it's time to clear the electric house drop line from the street to house. Distribution lines for our electricity are maintained by your electric provider.  They are responsible for the poles, trees branches growing into the lines, taking down dead trees next to the distribution line.
The house drop electric lines are the responsibility of the home owner to maintain.  You as the home owner are responsible for all work done on the line and pole's on your property.
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