Mockingbird Hill Lawn Care Services Discontinued for 2021

Fertilization Programs
Lawn Weed & Insect Control
Non-selective Herbicide Treatment
(Poison Ivy, Walkways, Patios, etc)
Turf Installation
(slice-seeding, etc.)
Core Aeration
Landscape Planting
Spring & Fall Cleanups
Weeding & Edging
Mulch Installation
We don't Mow, But we make them grow
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Lawn Van
Turf grass plants naturally want to be 1.5-2' in height.  We mow off the top of the plant at a desired height in order to get the effect we want for our landscape.  We do this so children and pets can easily walk or run around the lawn in their bare feet if they want to.  We want our properties to look manicured.  Different clients have different goals and expectations of what they want their individual turf areas to look like.  Sometime goals maybe different from the front lawn to the back.
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Learn about weeds more
Turn this ... Into This!
Be sure to hire the company with the knowledge and skills for the best results
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Our Beloved Margot
It is with a great sadness that I must inform all of our Lawn Care accounts that we will no longer be offering lawn care programs to our cliental. I would like to thank every client that has made the Mockingbird Hill Lawn Care reputation what it is today.  When Margot passed in 2019 it was a very difficult time for all at Mockingbird Hill.

Jim took over the lawn Care programs for 2019 and 2020 as he held the Lawn supervisor's license which allowed him to apply pesticides on the property of another for hire. Jim has decided to retire, and without a lawn care license on staff we can not continue to offer lawn care services. At this stage of my life I have decided to concentrate strictly on the Tree Care aspects of the business.
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It is with the deepest sorrow and regret that we inform you that Margot pass away on February 9,2019. It was an illness that made her quality of life poor for the past year. She is now at peace.
In the past few months I have had several meetings with Rich Lopes and his wife Sharon who have their own business Rich Lopes Landscaping located  433 Richmond St. E. Taunton. They have been self employed for
30 years and are very well versed in modern Lawn Care practices. In the conversations I have had with Rich and Sharon it is obvious to me that they hold very similar values and work ethics. His compassion for client satisfaction can be reflected by the past years of service for customers such as Bristol County Savings Bank, Whitesmith Village Condominiums, and many residential properties. They are willing and have the resources to take over the current lawn accounts and will adhere to 2020 application rate pricing.
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