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We don't Mow, But we make them grow
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Lawn Van
Turf grass plants naturally want to be 1.5-2' in height.  We mow off the top of the plant at a desired height in order to get the effect we want for our landscape.  We do this so children and pets can easily walk or run around the lawn in their bare feet if they want to.  We want our properties to look manicured.  Different clients have different goals and expectations of what they want their individual turf areas to look like.  Sometime goals maybe different from the front lawn to the back.
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Turn this ... Into This!
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Our Beloved Margot
It is with the deepest sorrow and regret that we inform you that Margot pass away on February 9,2019. It was an illness that made her quality of life poor for the past year. She is now at peace.
The lawn care aspect of the business will continue under the supervision of Jim Simonson and Margot's cousin Erica Wood. Both have worked with Margot for many years and share the same enthusiasm for turf care. Their goal is to provide the best possible lawn care program to each individual client.
We will continue to offer the same continuous lawn care programs with the same quality and concern that we have in the past. We are committed to giving every client the best quality turf care management.
As 'Plant Health Care Specialists Jim and Erica share Margot's  love of the lawn care industry.
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