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We tailor our programs to the specific needs of your Trees, Shrubs and Turf areas.
Insects populations for the most part have natural predators which keep them in check with "Mother Nature's Plan".  Plans do not always work out.  Modern Man has moved insects to country's where there is no natural predator for that specific insect.  Out breaks of insect infestations altar as the weather changes.  Mild Winter the eggs of all insect will have a low mortality rate / high insect hatch.  Deep cold Winter the eggs of all insects will have a higher mortality rate / lower insect hatch.  A Spring with more than usual rain, more mosquitoes.  A Summer with record heat waves, more Spider mite activity.  Gypsy Moth Caterpillars do not hatch on April 1 every year.  They will hatch when Shadbush Service Berry is in flower every year.  This can be a week or two apart from year to year. We must watch both the numerical calendar and the botanical calendar.  If you are to be successful in insect and disease control you must go by a Botanical calendar.

Some insects have a large window time frame to get under control where as disease generally your application time is critical.  With insects insecticide applications you are trying to eradicate the pest.  Disease Fungicide applications are applied to protect the foliar from infection.  Fungus and Bacteria's are spread by air blown spores.  Moisture activates these spores.  You can not eradicate air born microscopic spores.  Fungicides work to minimize the spread of the fungus.  They can not prevent it.   The foliage tissue needs to be wet for a certain amount of time to give the Fungus / Bacteria to penetrate the epidermis of the foliage.  Fungicides need to be applied before it rains.
You wouldn't let your child or pet be sick - keep your trees and shrubs healthy too!
Monitor your plants around the property frequently.  If some thing looks out of place or off in the color of the leaves there is probably something biotic going on.  Close inspection may require a magnifying glass or a micro scope.  This can bring you to a whole new world.  Disease and insects will always be present.  It is when the insect populations or the amount of Fungus / Bacteria become over bearing to the foliage of a plant that damage occurs.  Reduction of foliage by any means reduces the amount of energy to the Biomas of the plant.  A blade of grass, a shrub or a tall tree.  They all have the same plant physiology.

Plants take up water and nutrients from the soil with tiny root hairs through a process called "Osmosis".  Liquid moving from a area of high concentration ( the soil ) to an area of low concentration ( the root hair ).  There has to be enough oxygen in the soil for this to take place.  Water and nutrients move up through the vascular system. Reaching the foliage, leaves or needles, the Chlorophyll with the energy trapped from the sun, transforms the water and nutrients into starches, sugars and carbohydrates - Photosynthesis   Starches, sugars and carbohydrates move back down through the cambium to the roots thus completing the cycle.  This is what feeds the biomas of the organism.  Anytime this equation is altered damage to the plant happens.
Are there any questions which should be asked of lawn care services prior to hiring them?
Yes.  Ask to see a pesticide license.  Anyone who applies any form of pesticide for hire must be licensed by the State. Any product with (EPGA REG) on the container is a pesticide.  Included are insecticides, herbicides, biological controls, weed and feed products, organic pesticides and controls, fungicides and weed killers.  Ask what types of programs they offer.  If you are interested in customized lawn care ask what options you have.  Is the company willing to assist you in understanding your lawn?  Ask about its growth cycles, mowing and watering needs, as well as your particular soil conditions.  Ask if the company belongs to any professional associations.  It is a sign of professionalism. Will the company provide you with information on the applications they will be making to your lawn?  It is your right to know.
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