Brushog Mowing
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Forest borders will reclaim their turf very quickly.  Cutting under story saplings and wild vines will leave a root system that will push new foliage to 4'-6' in one growing season.  The picture below shows a border area that was clear cut of the under story including 12'-18' saplings.  The original cutting took 40+ hours to cut and chip debris.  This picture was taken 7 months after the original cutting.
This brushog mowing was completed in less than 2 hours once the machine was on site.
The tractor is 40 H.P. with four wheel drive.  A set of forks can be place in front instead of the loader if big logs or debris has to be mover prior to mowing.
The brushog mower is 6' by 6', any brush the front end loader can push over the "Hog will eat it".
In this scenario debris were left to breakdown as opposed to raking up. There was some hand cutting by a fence area and the client wanted more area cleared once they saw how quickly this machine works
Having all the tools- "Toys" to complete the work project in a safe efficient manor allows Mockingbird Hill to complete work projects in less time than other companies.  Knowing when and where to use our specialty equipment is what sets us apart from other companies.
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