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In the above diagram you will see that A has a shape that allows sunlight to get to the lower branches of the hedge.  With this shape the hedge can be healthy, thick and full for years.
Pruning hedges can be time consuming and can get out of control very quickly.  If proper pruning takes place yearly the hedge can be maintained for years with minimal gain in height or lateral growth.

You need to set a realistic height ceiling on the hedge.  This height should be determined soon after planting.  Most all hedges are evergreen.  Evergreens need full sun light.  Without it dieback and death will occur.
Red Neck Hedge Pruning
Maintaining the height is key to keeping a desired shape.  The lower the height the easier it is for the homeowner to maintain.  Shearing should take place on a yearly basis.

Snow bend is a major problem for most species of hedges.  Ag-lock is a product we use to prevent snow bend.  It will help hold the hedge together during a heavy wet snow
The B diagram is generally what happens when a hedge become too tall for the home owner to shear or prune the high sides of the hedge.  They cut what they can reach from the ground or a ladder and leave what they can not reach.  If this shearing practice continues the upper branches shade out the bottom and the hedge begins to thin out from lack of sunlight.  The bottom begins to die back and the homeowner will soon be able to see through the hedge.  If this scenario is caught in time the bottom can be restored.  However there is a point of no return.
Click to view the progression of our Privet hedge.
Major pruning of hedge
Began in 2012 and the following  year, June of 2013, shows how well the shrub leafed out
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