Mockingbird Hill Firewood

Firewood is a by product of our Tree Pruning and Tree Removal aspect of the business.  According to Massachusetts state Law firewood has to be sold by the cubic foot.  The most common measurement of firewood sales is by the "Cord".  A cord of wood will stack to a pile 4' Wide by 4' High and 8' Long yielding 128 cubic feet.  You can order a full cord, half cord or a quarter cord.  We also offer 1. Cubic foot bundles with a handle and a fire starter square included.  Local deliveries are free and a distance charge will be applied for clients outside our normal travel range.
Bundles can be purchased in many local stores.
Firewood processing / 1 Cord measured in box on tractor
Firewood needs to be "Seasoned" in order to burn in an efficient manor.  This will take 6-8 months of air drying.  Firewood need to be cut to length and split to dry.  Left in log length it will not dry properly.  Large log over 3' in diameter will take years to dry in length.  Large diameter wood is difficult to process.  We get a lot of  big wood.  We have had large logs sit here for 3-5 years before they were processed.  When they get processed the outer portion of the log is dry but the center is still green.

  In 2010 we put together a 45-50 Ton 5' wood splitter.  We can now process large wood in a much more efficient manor.  Large wood is split on the 50 Ton and further processed by a 30 Ton with a four way wedge.  We can custom split wood to 4'-5' hardwood or softwood by order specific to a clients needs.  4'-5' softwoods can be used for clam bakes, pig roasts, bond fires for camps- Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts / etc.  We do not wholesale cord wood.  We will wholesale the 1 Cu Ft bundles to retail stores.  Call for a quote.
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