Lawn Fertilization Information

Core Aeration
All turf grass areas over time will get compacted, leaving the sub soil undesirable for proper root growth.  Walking, playing, mowing and watering compact particles and reduces the air space necessary for good root growth.  Compaction is greater in the top inch to inch and a half of soil and needs to be mechanically opened.  This process removes plugs of soil the size of a finger to a depth of 2-3".  This allows air to move freely.  It allows deeper water penetration, less run off of water.  It will improve fertilizer uptake and allow better root growth.  It stimulates root growth to create a healthier turf grass plant.
Turf Grasses need to be fertilized to maintain color, density and vigor.  The healthier and more vigorous a lawn is the more resistant it is to heat stress, drought, heavy traffic and pet damage.

The amount of fertilizer applied to the turf areas is based on square footage. 
How many applications your area will require would be based on several different factors.  Desires of the individual home owner- client goals and expectations.  Do you want a putting green, golf course effect, lush deep green lawn requiring more applications per year or do you just want to maintain a good green lawn?  The location of the turf is also a factor.  Is this a high use area.  What Species of turf grass do you have?  Different species have different fertilizer requirements.  What type of soil do you have?  Did the installer skimp on loam?  In some situations a soil test may be done to dial in soil amendments to get to the right soil P.H. to get optimal growth.  The age and quality of the existing turf grass is a factor.  New lawn will require more fertilizer than a well established lawn.  Renovating or improving on a neglected lawn will require more fertilizer for a few years.  Do you have irrigation?  How much water is each section of the system getting per week?  Do you remove your grass clippings every time you mow?  How much and how often you fertilize your turf grass is only determined after a field evaluation.
We listen to the client's goals.  We work with clients.  Sometime we make recommendation the client can complete themselves.  More often we complete the work task.  Sometimes it will take several years of a good lawn care program to meet a new clients goals.  We can not change in one year what has taken " Mother Nature" several years to do.  We have the experience, knowledge and persistence to help our clients reach their individual goals for turf grass maintenance.
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