Mockingbird Hill Christmas Trees

What we sell here is a "Family Experience"  Along with your beautiful tree you will have memories and photos of your own Family tree growing.  We offer Hayride's that will transport your Family down to the fields and help or cut your tree and transport the tree with Family back to the main greenhouse.  In the main greenhouse you will find a large selection of Table Centerpieces to make your home more festive for Holiday cheer.  The greenhouse staff will be happy to work with you on any special orders decorating your specific needs.  We offer decorative services for hire to help at your Home, Office interior or exterior.  We have a 62' lift to aid installing and removing large wreaths on buildings up to 48".   We decorate large outside trees up to 50'
Cut your own, Pre-cut and living trees are all priced according to species, size and symmetry.  The area in front of the greenhouse is the pre-cut area.  To the left of the main greenhouse you will find our living tree section.  They can be planted in your yard after the Holiday Season.  Behind the green houses are the cut your own.  If you find a tree and wish to have one of our team cut it for you we will help you.
CUT YOUR OWN -  The fields close at dusk, it gets dark about 4:05 P.M.  You may choose between Scotch Pine, Norway Spruce, Blue Spruce, Fraser Fir, Concolor Fir, Douglas Fir, and White Pine.  This determines your cost.
PRE-CUT TREES: Many of these species are difficult to grow or impossible to grow in our climate.  They have been imported to widen your selection.  They include the following species:
Balsam Fir
Fraser Fir
LIVING TREES Colorado Blue Spruce.  There is a separate information sheet for the care of these trees in the greenhouse.
Family Experience • Pre-cut, Live or Cut Your Own Tree • Festive Decorations • Holiday Events • Tree Services • Price and Size Variety
We are located half way between Boston and Hyannis & Plymouth and New Bedford.
Fabian proposed by their first Christmas Tree together, Santa gave her the ring as she excepted.  One might say there's magic in the air at Mockingbird Hill.  We were happy to help Fabian with his special request and we will be happy to help you with any special request.
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2023 Christmas Tree Closing Dec . 10
Fri. 12 to 5 Sat. & Sun 10 to 5
Hayrides now offered on Saturdays and Sundays.
Hot chocolates too!
We run all weekends
FREE Hot Chocolate and Hot Coffee in the greenhouse on the weekends.  Drink something warm while you brose or while the outside crew prepares your tree for travel.  We shake dead needles out of the tree on our shaker so your children can " Watch their tree Dance".  We run every tree through a bailer putting a net over the tree making it easier for you to bring it into the house.  The tree is tagged at the top with your name so if you are getting multiple trees there will be no mistake which home gets what tree.  The outside crew will be happy to help you or carry your tree to your vehicle.   In fact we will be happy to tie the tree to your vehicle for FREE but you may have to be patient if we are busy.
We invite you all  to visit our Farm with your Family.

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Les and May Simmons
It is with regret that I have to inform you of the passing of Leavitt C. Simmons. He passed with a brief illness on 03/26/21. He was ninety years old and passed at home in his favorite room that he built with a great view of the farm and the many bird houses that he put up. His Son Tom and his Granddaughter Sarah were at his side when he passed. He is now reunited with his wife May. He and his wife May were the matriarchs of Mockingbird Hill Christmas Tree Farm. They started planting in 1973 and opened November 1982. We will miss them dearly. It is currently a third generation tree farm with a young fourth generation growing with the trees.
Leavitt and May Simmons
Lakeville MA
Mockingbird Hill
Tree and Shrub  Care
Since 1987