Brushog Bull Transforms Landscape
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Bushes encrouching backyard lawn
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Cleared yard now with lawn that inspires
The brushog will go through this like a Bull.  If the front end loader will push the brush down the Hog will eat it.
The following Spring the lawn shines like a King.  From Brush and briars to a lawn that inspires.
After the brushog mow's it down  The Backhoe was put on the tractor the next day to dig out major roots.  The stump grinder was used on bigger stumps.
Debris piled for removal with the #1070 John Deere Tractor
John Deere tractor, Billy Goat brush mower and chain saws were the tool used
Plywood is put down on existing turf areas to minimize impact from the log loader.
There was 5 truck loads of the debris to be taken to the stump dump
The area is now prepared to spread loam and seed this Fall.
Lakeville MA
Mockingbird Hill
Tree and Lawn Care
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