Mockingbird Hill Christmas Tree Farm was established in 1970 by Les & May Simmons. The Family cleared the land which is now the tree Farm and main facilities for the Tree and Lawn care aspects of the business. With more land cleared it was Les & May's dream to plant Christmas trees.
Les's first comment "We will plant trees and if they look good as they get older we can sell them at Christmas time, if not they will look pretty when it snows". The trees were getting close to a saleable size about 1980. The Family decided to open the next year but we had no name to advertise. Although many names were discussed Mockingbird Hill was what they picked. Our early pruning practices we were shearing to hard and it made a very dense canopy in the trees. This proved to be perfect nesting grounds for Mockingbirds. We still have many Mockingbirds and we are located on top of a Hill. Les said "Mockingbirds will always land on the top or pinnacle of a tree, structure. Tom as a tree climber always climbs to the top of the trees he is working on" The name just fit with the location and the Family. The Tree farm first opened to the public as a cut your own operation in 1982. Les and May's son Tom began working with a Tree Service summers in 1973. He quickly fell in love with climbing trees. He worked for nine different tree firms before going on his own, and holds two degrees in Arboriculture and Urban Forestry from the University of Massachusetts. The Lawn Care division was started by Tom's wife Margot Simmons in 1991, who worked with Chemlawn for eight years becoming the specialist every one wanted . The Company has grown because of these people and the employees that have worked very hard to promote professionalism . It is our goal to provide the best plant health care to our customers each and every day.

About Mockingbird Hill

Tom holds an Associates Degree in Arboriculture from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture, a B.S. in Urban Forestry and a B.S. in Coastal Ecology both from Umass Amherst. I have worked professionally in the field of Arboriculture since1973. If I do not know the answer off my head I know where to get it fast. I am on a first name basis with professionals at the Diagnostic Urban Forestry Lab there. Remaining current with biotic and a-biotic changes with insects and disease of ornamental trees and shrubs is a new game each year.
It is with great sadness that we inform you of Margot Simmons passing on 02/09/19.

We will continue to offer the same continuous lawn care programs with the same quality and concern that we have in the past. We are committed to giving every client the best quality turf care management.
Tribute to Leavitt and May Simmons 2021
It is with regret that I have to inform you of the passing of Leavitt C. Simmons. He passed with a brief illness on 03/26/21. He was ninety years old and passed at home in his favorite room that he built with a great view of the farm and the many bird houses that he put up. His Son Tom and his Granddaughter Sarah were at his side when he passed. He is now reunited with his wife May. He and his wife May were the matriarchs of Mockingbird Hill Christmas Tree Farm. They started planting in 1973 and opened November 1982. We will miss them dearly. It is currently a third generation tree farm with a young fourth generation growing with the trees.
Tom use to tell clients that the job is like "Playing cards with Mother Nature, every Spring She mix's up the cards, temperature, wind , rain, heat, etc" But these days its like she is adding cards to the deck. This is why it is crucial to be current in Horticultural education. All Mockingbird Hill Employees attend seminars on a annual basis to help them educate our clients about proper Plant Health Care.
Over the past thirty six years of working with " Mother Nature" one phrase stands out in my mind. " Nature is unpredictable and is constantly changing." Mockingbird Hill strives to give our clients the best possible workmanship in the Plant Health Care Industry. We are not a large company and we remain small for a reason. Quality.
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